White Shadows - Full Game Walkthrough [All Achievements]

White Shadows is a cinematic puzzle-platformer where you play as a little Ravengirl trying to escape a brutal dystopia founded on oppression and violence that puts her at the bottom of its hierarchical social ladder.

Composed of a vast network of towers rising from the void of post-catastrophe darkness into the sky above, the city our young adventurer seeks to escape is a dangerous place to be. She will have to find ways to avoid the teeth of machinery primed to grind her into dust, leap across rickety infrastructure that bridges the cavernous darkness all around and avoid the watchful eyes of guards ready to gun her down. She will travel to the city’s brightest highs and delve to its darkest depths on her journey, discovering her destiny among the last free people alive.

White Shadows’ striking architectural forms and stunning monochrome art style combine to create a place steeped in atmosphere. It’s a world where the lies of the elite are plastered across its walls, where twisted forms of entertainment are used to keep everyone in their place, and where hope seems in short supply.


08:46 - Achievement You got a friend in me

18:30 - Achievement For the greater good

18:45 - Achievement The writing on the wall

25:12 - Achievement I went train spotting

29:50 - Achievement Someone bawked!

31:41 - Achievement You went too far

32:18 - Achievement There's blood on your hands

32:42 - Achievement Chick magnet

34:53 - Achievement I will follow you

47:15 - Achievement Look mom, I'm on TV!

47:48 - Achievement Join the circus

59:50 - Achievement Lord of the Birds

1:01:01 - Achievement Welcome home

1:17:07 - Achievement The end is nigh

1:27:04 - Achievement The destroyer of worlds

1:32:13 - Achievement We love you, too!

1:31:27 - Achievement Yes, I deserve it!

1:32:46 - Achievement That's unfortunate!

1:32:47 - Achievement I really, really need this!