TOHU 100% Game Wakthrough + All achievements

Experience a brand new adventure game set amongst a world of weird and wonderful fish planets. Explore beautiful environments and solve intricate puzzles as a little girl, joined by her mechanical alter-ego, Cubus. Together they will discover the truth about themselves and the mysterious Sacred Engine that powers their world.

Explore vivid and atmospheric locations, meet intriguing characters, and solve elaborate puzzles - all on your quest to repair the Sacred Engine. As The Girl you are light and nimble, and so can reach areas of the world that others can't.

At any time you can transform into The Girl’s mechanical friend, Cubus. Need something heavy lifting? Need big strong arms to catch lightbulb flies as they pass by? Need to win an impromptu arm wrestle with an arcane and somehow tangible mirror image of yourself? Cubus has you covered.

Each fish planet in TOHU is brought to life through bewitchingly beautiful artwork and is packed with detail. Meet a cast of bizarre characters and uncover cute critters to collect!

You'll need your wits about you to solve TOHU’s unique and wacky conundrums. From a simple search for critters needed to power your expanse-traversing fly-ship, to learning how to operate a moustache-imbuing mole cannon.


00:00 - Home

00:53 - Achievement A Claw

02:29 - Achievement Jumper

02:46 - Achievement A Rat

06:30 - Juncle

09:40 - Achievement A Mole

14:15 - Achievement Fall

16:50 - Achievement A Glove

23:13 - Broker

33:09 - Achievement Stealth Master

34:08 - Achievement Marathon

35:16 - Home

39:34 - Achievement Overcooked

46:17 - Illusionist

51:43 - Achievement It's Showtime

53:00 - Swamp Grandma

55:47 - Achievement Birds

57:37 - Achievement Stubbornness

1:01:48 - Snow planet

1:03:50 - Achievement Back to the Future

1:07:18 - Achievement Naturalist

1:08:05 - Achievement Plop

1:15:56 - Achievement Dance

1:16:25 - Achievement Meal

1:23:43 - Home

1:27:08 - Achievement Good Talk

1:32:17 - Achievement Beecopter 2.0

1:32:40 - Achievement Happy end

1:35:30 - Achievement Credits bugs