The Last Cube - Full Game Walkthrough [All Relics & Challenges]

Cube puzzler and an epic adventure. Stamp stickers to the sides of your cube to imbue each surface with unique powers, which are vital to solving puzzles and finding secrets.

Venture into the desolate cube world where you’ll discover 3D puzzles in diverse, colorful environments. As the Last Cube, you must prove your worth and save your dying home.

Roll, dash, hop, clone - and more:

Solve puzzles the cube way: stamp stickers to your sides and use their special powers. New mechanics and abilities are frequently introduced, always surprising you with what your little cube is capable of!

Exploration is rewarded:

Find secrets, complete extra challenges, and untangle the mystery of what brought your world to the brink of ruin. No matter the obstacle, your curious cube is determined to keep rolling.

Varied, atmospheric environments:

The cube planet is an expansive world featuring a wide array of brutalist architecture that ranges from foggy nightmarish abysses, to oppressive lava lit factories, to uplifting natural landscapes full of golden rays of sunshine glistening against mountains. There’s a new surprise around every corner!


09:36 - Achievement Calmness and Curiosity

10:35 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [1/9]

14:03 - Achievement A Determined Cube

21:15 - Achievement Danger and Fire

36:54 - Achievement Life and Cooperation

51:14 - Achievement Mystery and Shadows

52:17 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [2/9]

1:00:19 - Achievement Meet Your Maker

1:04:02 - Achievement Stacker

1:12:40 - Achievement Control and Advance

1:30:43 - Achievement Taste the Rainbow

1:30:51 - Achievement Least Squares Method + Achievement A Stubborn Cube

1:30:56 - Achievement Tradition and Knowledge

1:31:45 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [3/9]

1:32:10 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [4/9]

1:33:17 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [5/9]

1:33:28 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [6/9]

1:33:36 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [7/9]

1:34:15 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [8/9]

1:52:37 - Achievement Knowing Your Home [9/9]

1:55:09 - Achievement The Explorer

1:55:11 - Achievement Above and Beyond