Stela Full Game Walkthrough with all Collectibles

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Overcome daunting challenges, treacherous terrain, and gargantuan beasts while traversing a decaying land. Manipulate the environment to solve elaborate puzzles and creep past dangerous creatures under cover of muted landscapes, all set to an original soundtrack. Survive sweeping environments including mysterious towns, haunting forests, and massive subterranean ruins brought to life in an atmospheric experience.

Awaken once again for your destiny lies on the path before you.

For the darkness descends and the land becomes barren; the pale light a false hope.

A great plague of insects ravages the land, consuming crops and the living alike.

But those who could not find peace now wander the world as shadows, ever hungry and never satisfied.

As tormented shadows they wail with broken spirits and cry out for redemption.

The warriors flames ignite the world; the red sky as a blanket to smother the darkness.

In foolishness the fearful worship the slumbering beast, constructing cruel temples to its power.

For behold the great beast, cast deep into the earth, awakens to consume the world.

Defenses will fall and the people shall be as food for the wild beasts of the land.

For the day the city crumbles, weep not for they devoured into darkness. Embrace the divine and restore your soul.

Succumbed to madness, hungry shadows feast on flesh and none are spared from their hunger.

In the high places the priests built a temple to await her coming and prepare the way forward.

The creatures of darkness fear the light but the flames yet fade and night approaches. With the night she comes. As an angel of death she appears upon the world to bear witness.

All that dwell upon the world and their histories have been witnessed and recorded upon the stones.


01:46 - 1 Secret Flame

05:24 - 2 Secret Flame

08:39 - 3 Secret Flame

13:44 - 4 Secret Flame

19:29 - 5 Secret Flame

22:49 - 6 Secret Flame

25:42 - 7 Secret Flame

28:38 - 8 Secret Flame

32:14 - 9 Secret Flame

37:03 - 10 Secret Flame

44:21 - 11 Secret Flame

51:47 - 12 Secret Flame

55:51 - 13 Secret Flame

57:45 - 14 Secret Flame

1:02:00 - 15 Secret Flame