Santo Island Incident - Full Game Walkthrough [All Achievements]

Explore Facility, Village and many places taken by nature at Santo Island. Find clues about incident and what happened. Solve puzzles, face many challenges and be careful with mysterious growth.

-This information is classified-

"There was an incident at Santo Island. According to the report, overgrowth took the whole Santo Island and the facility. Facility and employees evacuated. Source of incident unknown. Last evac team encountered with human shaped growth at the entrance area of facility. Your mission is to find out the source of incident and mysterious human growth."

Santo Island and the facility is kept secret and confidential to any public also our mission at there. As you came to the island things start to change and unexpected events begin to happen.

Santo Island Incident is a first person game about solving mystery of unknown incident at Santo Island and exploring facility and island with a specially developed scanning device that able to scan growth and plants. Scanner able to hear echoes within growth and plants to to help you solve what's happened at Santo Island.

Equip your special scanner and other weapons you will find in the facility as you face the growth.

Because of overgrowth, you will face across puzzles that you have to solve as well as threats to avoid to proceed through your mission.

Immerse yourself in the Santo Island - witness atmospheric places captured by growth and taken back by nature. Explore abandoned facility, village and whole island that kept secret from whole world in this secret mission.


(Notifications pop up with a delay)

01:15 - Achievement Boat Ride

01:33 - Achievement Generator

03:30 - Achievement Electric Gun

03:58-04:50 - Achievement Explorer

07:17 - Achievement Holder

08:35 - Achievement Use Scanner

09:45 - Achievement Legendary One

11:14 - Achievement Flashlight

11:20 - Achievement Voltage

25:19 - Achievement Chapter One

33:36 - Achievement Chapter Two

34:28 - Achievement Legendary Two

44:31 - Achievement Chapter Three

45:20 - Achievement Legendary Three

46:24 - Achievement Max Level

46:27 - Achievement Souvenir

46:28 - Achievement Vista Collector

50:23 - Achievement Chapter Four

53:19 - Achievement No More

55:35 - Achievement Clue Master

56:10 - Achievement Chapter Five