Sacrificial Lighthouse - Full Game Walkthrough [All Achievements]

Sacrificial Lighthouse is a small but atmospheric story that won’t leave you indifferent. You play as a girl named Maya, who finds herself on a strange island with a lighthouse during a storm. What is this strange place? How and why did you get here? Do you dare to find out the truth and what you are willing to sacrifice for it?


  • Psychological story-thriller with quest elements.

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn 2D graphics and 2D animations.

  • Atmospheric musical score. - A game with an overwhelming storyline that will crush your heart, leaving behind a gaping void of hopelessness.

  • You will have something to think about as you progress through the game, and the branched finale will make you realize the consequences of the choices we make every day.


00:25 - Achievement Who am I?

02:34 - Achievement Value

03:25 - Achievement Create

06:00 - Achievement Family

09:51 - Achievement Childhood

12:47 - Achievement Loneliness

15:20 - Achievement A hope

19:02 - Achievement Hopelessness

20:28 - Achievement Life for life

21:22 - Achievement It's alive too (Use Axe)

21:38 - Achievement Light

22:00 - Achievement The beginning?

23:53 - Achievement Darkness

25:45 - Achievement Revenge

28:35 - Achievement The end?