Relicta: Aegir Gig - Full Walkthrough

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Relicta is a first-person physics-based puzzle game where you need to creatively combine magnetism and gravity in order to unravel the secrets of Chandra Base. Alone in the treacherous depths of the Moon, your scientific mind is the only thing that can keep your daughter alive…

Relicta: Aegir Gig is a completely new story. 12 additional puzzles

Play as Nic, a bioengineer tasked with testing the gravitomagnetic interfaces in the environments he helped design for AEGIR Labs years before the events of the main game, with even more challenging puzzles to solve as you experience the Chandra Base in a whole new way.


02:22 - A Puzzle

07:04 - B Puzzle

12:05 - C Puzzle

16:37 - D Puzzle

20:11 - E Puzzle

24:43 - F Puzzle

30:50 - G Puzzle

33:42 - H Puzzle

38:35 - I Puzzle

44:14 - J Puzzle

49:07 - K Puzzle

59:04 - L Puzzle


Relicta: Main Story

Relicta: Ice Queen