Pants Quest - Full Game Walkthrough

Pants Quest is a tiny, lovingly crafted point & click adventure game about finding your way in life. And your pants. Sometimes just getting dressed & leaving the house feels like an impossible task. Follow one man's emotional journey to deal with the hurdles that life can throw at you on a bad day.

A sort of a puzzle adventure game about life. This guy has lost his pants. The more he tries to find them, the more things seem to spin out of control. The tone is funny but also kind of introspective, following the kind of crappy morning that makes you rethink every decision you’ve ever made while wandering around in your underwear.

This is a very short game!

Solve retro style point-and-click puzzles on your quest to get out of the house. Intricate, detailed pixel art brings a rainy workday morning to life.

Offbeat humour and a touching emotional journey. Will he find his pants? There’s only one way to find out!

And always remember- you are more than the sum of your pants.


New Game Plus!

01:50 - Achievement Turn Down Service

05:57 - Achievement Fed and Watered

09:16 - Achievement Minty Fresh

15:18 - Achievement What A Rush

28:34 - Achievement Raged Against the Machine

30:22 - Achievement Good Cat Dad & Achievement Duty to Do

34:16 - Achievement Fully Loaded

34:47 - Achievement Garbage Man

36:17 - Achievement Suds for Days!

38:07 - Achievement Always Sunny

38:47 - Achievement Exorcist

39:30 - Achievement Idol Hands

40:42 - Achievement Swanning About

41:14 - Achievement Ice Cold

41:46 - Achievement Wet Luck

46:44 - Achievement Secret Room

47:05 - Achievement The One True Pants