Mirrorama - Full Game Walkthrough

Updated: Jan 23

Mirrorama it's a unique puzzle game with an interesting story. Witness the story of Josh Lattey while solving mind boggling puzzles using mirrors and reflections.

Mirrorama offers an exceptional experience for puzzle game lovers.

Explore a colorful world full of puzzles waiting for you to solve them. Often you will find yourself in situations where you will have to think critically to overcome the puzzles you encounter. In this world you will need to use mirrors in various ways to find the solutions.


01:25 - Achievement There Are No Bugs

01:30 - Achievement noisnemiD rorriM otni retnE

01:34 - Achievement Now There Are Two of Them

14:27 - Achievement I Swear It Hit the Corner.

24:58 - Achievement It All Ends

25:07 - Achievement Another Chance

25:07 - Achievement Looper