Mechanic 8230: Escape from Ilgrot - Full Game Walkthrough

Mechanic 8230 is an adventure game in the point-and-click genre. Help the mechanic find his robot friend RO-2 and together unveil the secrets of the world destroyed by the Cataclysm.

Dive into the post-apocalyptic world of Bifrostia, populated by two mutant races as well as their robot assistants. The first Act takes place in the rusted city of Ilgrot, under the rule of an artificial intelligence. Strange things are happening there.

One regular day we discover a space shuttle with a mysterious robot inside. You will have to escape the city, uncover the robot’s origins, why it is getting hunted and what is happening.

Plunge into the adventure quests with puzzles and mini-games.

It’s a new stylized world with an illustrative atmosphere of retrofuturism, with hand painted 3D locations.


00:00 - Citytone Space Station

00:40 - Morning starts with exercise

02:11 - Junkyard

03:29 - A new friend

05:40 - Cell

08:00 - Lab

15:03 - Diner

21:58 - Hangar

27:35 - Bus

28:39 - At the vault

33:41 - Vault

38:47 - Bazaar

49:00 - Sewers

50:55 - Elevator

52:28 - Dungeons

56:14 - Hydra

57:30 - Mine

57:44 - Ancient's rest

59:10 - To the stars