Lihue - Full Game Walkthrough

Lihue is a narrative adventure that takes place in the dream of a 26-year-old trans girl. Through her memories you will know her deepest desires and fears. Explore the landscapes of her mind to discover the reasons that led her to undertake this journey into the dream world.

You will face intimate challenges, where empathy will be your guide to overcome them. You will have to look carefully, listen to even the slightest whisper and investigate at every corner. Listen to her inner voice, reveal the phrases that marked her, and interact with the most important moments of her life.

Accompany Lihue through scenarios where the boundary between dreams and nightmares is blurred. Help her to reconstruct the most important events of her life, to overcome the conflicts that prevent her from moving forward, and to decide the course of her future... before it is too late.



00:00 - Chapter 1 - Home

06:22 - Chapter 2 - Dreams

16:00 - Chapter 3 - Future