Kine - Full Game Walkthrough [All Achievements]

Kine is a charming 3D puzzle game about three musical machines hoping to find their big break. Guide these dreamers through a delightful tale of love, labor, and loss as they struggle to form a band and find success on the main stage.

Manipulate and maneuver each character by taking advantage of their unique abilities.

Navigate a stunningly beautiful world filled with a wide variety of 3D puzzles while listening to an award-winning original soundtrack.


01:11 - Achievement This is Perfect!

02:30 - Achievement Okay, Maybe One Obstacle

04:20 - Achievement Who's That?

11:57 - Achievement Sometimes the Job Finds You

15:02 - Achievement Fate

18:05 - Achievement We Have a Band!

19:13 - Achievement Don't Worry, They're Waterproof

24:00 - Achievement Turnt Up

30:12 - Achievement What's the Point

38:06 - Achievement The Big Time

44:33 - Achievement Virtuoso

45:00 - Achievement Thanks for Playing!

45:15 - Achievement No Machine Left Behind