Epiphany City - Full Game Walkthrough [All Achievements]

Use magical picture frames to manipulate the world around you in mind-bending ways. Turn paintings to life, change time, & re-imagine objects to suit your needs. Follow Lily, a girl who's lost all hope, as she steals powers from the strongest superhero, leaving it up to her to save the world.

Manipulate the World Lily's magical picture frame powers evolve as you progress, allowing you to alter the world to your liking.

Reframe Objects Our unique puzzle mechanic will have you looking at the world in new and imaginative ways. Objects that look like one thing can become something entirely different depending on their surroundings.

Fulfill the Prophecy Help Lily, as she tries to save the world by fulfilling a Sacred Prophecy... even when it's not meant for her.

And Find Hope, Even When You Have None Left This scene doesn't really help with that... but the ending will!


1:24:32 - Achievement Dev Room 1

1:41:41 - Achievement Dev Room 2

2:25:20 - Achievement "Ugh Lazy Devs"

The rest of the achievements are plot, if you do not skip the cutscenes, they will be unlocked.