Disoriented Full Game Walkthrough with getting all achievements

Disoriented is a first-person puzzle game. Simply walk to the door.

The game involves walking along the catwalks of a 3D maze structure suspended in space to activate coloured waypoints and finally reach the exit gate to the next level. Curved corners change the direction of gravity so you can step over the edge to "fall" onto other catwalks. New mechanics are introduced as you progress such as nodes to rotate sections of catwalks, buttons to toggle the 'lights' on and off which make catwalk sections appear and disappear, and portals that allow you to "fall" to other sections of the puzzle.

You find yourself constantly looking around to try and work out where you are and where you're going since the puzzle is constantly moving around you as you change your direction of gravity. Disoriented is the perfect name for it because that's how you feel most of the time.