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Updated: Jun 20

First of all, you should know that my videos don't get a lot of views.

Usually my videos get an average of ~ 800-1500 views in the first week.

Information for publishers and game developers:

Due to a series of unpleasant communications with developers and publishers, the list of cooperation proposals that I am interested in has been revised and significantly reduced.

1) !!! At the moment, I can only be interested in the full game on Steam, which has not yet been released.

In all other cases, I will buy the game myself if I am interested in it.

There is no need to inform me about the release of the game, I know about all the games on Steam that may interest me.

2) I prefer to do full walkthroughs with all achievements (100%) in one long video.

3) If you are satisfied with these conditions, please contact me by email

In the email, specify

name of the game

link to the game on steam

the release date of the game

the date of the end of the embargo

Steam key

link to the trailer where the gameplay is shown

GIF with gameplay demonstration

link to the presskit

What similar games were on my channel?

- required

- preferably

4) If you did not receive a response within 48 hours, then the email did not meet the requirements and I ignored it.

If there was a key in the email, it was not activated.

Information for advertising offers:

Cooperation is not possible at the moment.


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