Cognition Method: Initiation - Full Demo Walkthrough

This is a free demo for a game called Cognition Method. Cognition Method is a story-driven, first-person puzzle game combining innovative gameplay mechanics of altering gravity and a surreal, otherworldly setting. Earth is on the brink of demise when the scientists discover the Cube, a mysterious space structure of unknown origin. The Cube is believed to hold the key to solving humanity's problems and transforming mankind once and for all. Shortly after a scientific expedition reaches the core of the artifact, all contact with it is lost. It is now up to you to venture into the artifact and uncover its' secrets. You will soon learn, however, that the Cube is a bizarre and perilous place, and its' secrets are protected by a series of trials featuring impossible geometry and changing gravity. The first few levels are now available for free via a demo, to give you a glimpse of what is in store in the full game.


03:31 - Goal Achievement

04:41 - Ballast Achievement

04:45 - Immortal Achievement

06:28 - Secret room unlocked #1 Achievement

10:05 - First contact Achievement

11:09 - Secret room unlocked #2 Achievement

14:14 - Initiation Achievement & Master Achievement