Cartonfall Full Game Walkthrough

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

It was another night shift at your job in a warehouse, when a madman with a box on his head, took control over the complex. Now you are under his control, to get out of here you have to solve his wicked riddles and smash through his weird cardboard structures by using anything you find in the boxes...

...and get free from the box-headed psycho.


01:06 - Lootcrate Achievement 01:17 - Waking up Achievement 05:46 - Please stop the music! Achievement 06:03 - Heal Yourself! Achievement 07:24 - Hidden Trap Achievement 11:56 - Lost and found Achievement 14:49 - Connoisseur Achievement 16:42 - Dangerous Adventure Achievement 24:34 - Ninja Achievement 26:23 - Hallelujah! Achievement 28:31 - Flat Earth Society Achievement 30:26 - Third arm has grown Achievement 39:04 - Random, random, random Achievement 42:20 - Ivory tower Achievement 47:50 - The Spiral of Madness Achievement 48:20 - Go Outside Achievement

Not shown on the video: For achievement What is going on you must die For achievement Just fooling around you need to choose "sandbox' on main menu